Calamity McCoy

A reckless but incredibly

lucky tomboy trying her

best to prove her worth to her family.

She loves the open frontier,

star clusters, shooting first and

taking names later, and spaghetti.


Bosco McCoy

Calamity’s brother and best friend,

he is a little overprotective, and

just as snarky as his younger sister.

Their commitment to one another is strong,

but they are also locked in a friendly

but fierce competition to impress their father.


Ben McCoy

Calamity’s father and the leader of the McCoy Gang. He comes off as serious and kind of a hardass, but his skill with strategy and his intense compassion are prevalent when it matters.

Jessibell Wallace
A childhood friend and old flame of Ben McCoy’s. A strong and independent woman, she has created a vast and influential information network for herself through the use of brothels and sex workers, and is an important asset and connection to the McCoy Gang.


Aliza Wallace
Jessibell’s daughter and protégé, she grew up beside Calamity under the care of Ben McCoy and now travels the system with her mother, learning the ins and outs of the Intelligence business. She is calculating, intense, and her wit is sharp.

Ben McCoy’s right hand man and the leader of the McCoy’s intelligence. He keeps in constant contact with the McCoy family as well as Jessibell, and is quite mysterious himself. He is reckless as well, and often encourages Calamity in her escapades, much to McCoy’s chagrin.

The personable and long-suffering AI that manages the interworkings of the entire McCoy Gang. CLINT accompanies Calamity on her journey, and is a constant source of information, communication, and incredible sarcasm.