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What is Halcyon Studios?


We’re a group of women and non-binary gamers with compatible ideals who have taken up the challenge of creating an inclusive gaming experience.


What exactly do you mean by creating an inclusive experience?


What we want to provide are interesting stories with characters of minorities that are habitually misrepresented. We firmly believe in not just filling a minority quota, but rather the depth of character. We wish to create a realistic complexity in our representation, giving gamers something more than just comic relief or shallow diversity. What is important to us is that those who are underrepresented in media are able to create a connection with a character.


Where is Halcyon Studios located?


We are remotely located in Oakville, a town in the greater Toronto area.


Where can I buy your games?


Halcyon’s first game, Calamity, is to be released on Steam. If our funding exceeds what we have planned we’ll be able to branch out to other platforms.


How’s Calamity progressing? Is there a timeline for when we can expect the release?


You can check out Calamity progress by checking out our news feed, which will also include the counter on our funds. We also have a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for some sneak peaks into our creative process. For more exclusives please join our Patreon!