Game Mechanic

In (name of game), Calamity McCoy possesses unnaturally good luck. This quality is utilized in the game through the heroines’ uncanny ability to overcome any situation despite the odds and effects of her headstrong personality. There is two main mechanics the player can utilize based on this concept: Bullet Bending and Slow Time (time reduction – technical term).


Bullet Bending: This ability will allow players to alter the trajectory of their own bullets. The path of the projectile will be visibly tracked, allowing the player to interact with the bullet through a limited amount of Bullet Bending points. Proper usage will allow the player to make impossible kills and even kill multiple enemies with one shot.


Slow Time: This ability is only accessible when the players’ health is 20% or lower. Once this condition is met, the player will be able to activate Slow Time. This will cause the players surroundings to slow to half speed while the player maintains their regular pace. This is a strategic ability used to avoid critical hits or in combination with other attacks to maximize combat proficiency.


As the player levels up they will gain new abilities that combine these two mechanics.


Example Combination Attack: In an exaggerated show of the characters inherent luck, Calamity will cover her eyes and shoot an array of bullets. The screen will darken as Slow Time is activated, allowing the player to use unlimited Bullet Bending points within the allotted time frame. Once Slow Time deactivates, the bullets will follow the path the player has laid out. Calamity will uncover her eyes, revealing the outcome of her seemingly reckless attack.

(Blind Bullets?)