The game  Calamity is a 2.5D isometric strategic shooter. Playing on elements of luck and skill to complete missions and quests. These elements are skills that the main character will gain as the game progresses. This game takes place on three wonderful planets in the W.S.T side of the Lonely Devil System (LDS). The player has control  over Cal, the main character and uses her inherent luck to get out of all sorts of situations she gets herself into.


The game features different abilities that the player can develop at their discretion, with no two playthroughs necessarily being the same. With different skill branches, the player can choose whichever abilities they prefer to develop.


The player can also engage in robberies and raids of all sorts to gain various prizes, including guns, ammo, treasures, story items, money, and nuts and bolts that can be used for character upgrades. By participating in the side quests, the players learn more about the world around them, and may learn a thing or two about the people you meet along the way.