City of Yeso, Los Minas de Sal, Carmine Towne


Home to the McCoy gang, Elamo was once a green planet with soft winds. Scarred by a solar flare, the planet degraded into a red desert. In the southern grasslands Carmine Towne has pieces of land resembling the past landscape. The city Los Minas de Sal is an oasis located in the eastern salt flat that mines their terrain and brews specialty rum for profitable export. Not too far from Los Minas de Sal is Yeso, the capital city in the North sheltered by a natural wall of sand dunes. The majority of the gangs’ activities are instigated in the capital city, causing some of the planets citizens reside in the desert lands in small migratory colonies.

City of Kluane, City of Nahanni, Underground City of Pukaskwa

It is said that the forest that encases the planet Aulavilk are not individual trees, but rather are all connected to one singular tree whose being reaches both earth and heaven. In its branches holds the capital city, Kulane, where citizens prosper with inventive infrastructure. Deep below the soil is the home to the Hatfields gang, the city of Puskaswka. Built amongst the giant roots of the trees, the underground city is riddled with crime. Far off to the West is the city is Nahanni, a city that specializes in exporting its resources of lumber to other planets. Nahanni is the only portion of Aulavilk that isn’t covered by a thick canopy.



City of Huma, Floating City of Plain Dealing

Mamou is a planet whose environment mimics its politics. Once a planet rich in land and culture, a thick swamp now covers the terrain. The waters hold many dangerous creatures, of which most have yet to be fully identified. The planets capital Huma is an over populated city located on the largest piece of land in the North East. With the rising tide and population, the floating city of Plain Dealings was built for the overflow. However, that too is now close to spilling over. Considered disputed territory between the McCoys and the Hatfields, riddled with over population with no export to speak of – Mamou is truly a sinking planet.