Story Overview

Cal’s upbringing was the decision of a guilty conscience. After the murder of her parents the Bandit King McCoy raised her as his own blood alongside his son, and as she grew into a young woman her worth was regarded as a prize. Her skill of bending bullets and undeniable ability of luck, allowing her to alter the probable outcome of nearly any situation into her favour, landed her a spot as the bandits’ ace.

As Cal comes of age a war between a rival group of bandits begins, and Cal is caught in the eye of the storm. She is unaware of the love triangle forged between the leaders of the bandit gangs and her foster mother and the political consequences it brings. Calamity will fight towards the truth of her upbringing, the truth behind McCoy, Lagan, and Jessabelle McCoy, Lagan the leader of the rival Bandit gang, and her surrogate mother Jessabelle. Unaware of the implications it will bestow upon her. Through the trials and tribulations, betrayal, love and death she will learn everything she should have been told from the start.